September Window Positional Objectives and Minute Allocations

So the roster has dropped, the spilled milk has been cried over, Klinnsman has been dragged into the discussion like Hector in the Battle of Troy, Brooks' character has been questioned, and Ream forgot where he put his reading glasses. I believe enough has been said about the roster decisions in the other thread, so I want to get into what we should be hoping to get out of this camp. In my mind that means different things for different positions, so I decided to break it up by position group and approximate minutes. Note these are my opinions of what I think would be the best use of this window, and not what I think Gregg will do. I do expect to play both games with 4 defenders, 3 mids (perhaps flipping the triangle from 1 game to the next), 2 wingers and an attacker, so I am allocating minutes based on that assumption.


Objective: Get our best keeper as many reps as possible

Minutes (180 total): Matt Turner all 180


Objective: Give our first choice pairing as much time to develop chemistry between themselves, Turner and Adams as possible.

Minutes (360 total):

  • Zimmerman/Richards 170 each, my presumptive starters
  • Long/CCV 10 each, a thanks for coming cameo.

Objective: Figure out the back ups to Dest and Jedi. Give more minutes to those we have seen less and are in better form right now. Try Scally on both sides to see how good he looks as LB cover.

Minutes (360 total):
  • Vines 120 (1 full 90, 1 substitution)
  • Scally 120 (1 start on each side)
  • Dest 60 (We don't really need to see much from him here)
  • Yedlin/Cannon 30 each
Midfielders (edited for Musah injury)

Objective: Tinker with which way the triangle points, continue to explore Aaronson as a 10 here with Musah out

Minutes (540 total):
  • Adams 165
  • Acosta 15 (we know what we got here as a solid back up, not much to learn by playing him more than a cameo)
  • McKennie 120
  • Aaronson 1 full 90
  • LDLT 90 (He's a near lock for Qatar, I'd like him to get a long appearance though to show that his class still plays even when he isn't getting much club time)
  • Tillman 30 (see winger section)
  • Johnny 30

Objective: Get comfortable in potential roles for Qatar

Minutes (360 total)
  • Pulisic 120 (2 starts but subbed off)
  • Reyna 90 (1 start, 1 substitute appearance
  • Aaronson 60 (1 start)
  • Morris/Arriola 30 each (They are fighting for a bench role in Qatar, each gets a chance to prove they can be effective in that role)
  • Tillman 30 (Also unlikely to start in Qatar, needs to show how and where he can be effective off the bench, 1 game on wing 1 game in the midfield)

Objective: Duke it out. This position I am more willing to just appeal to authority and let Gregg choose whoever is looking best in training earn the first start, 2nd best get the bench appearance and then use their performances in that appearance to decide what to do with the 2nd game. Without having that information, I'd allocate something like this:

Minutes (180 total)
  • Ferreira 90 (start and a sub)
  • Sargent 60 (start)
  • Pepi 30 (sub)


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