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Rumor: Could this be the 2024 U.S. Soccer home jersey?

We have another prediction.

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We are entering the season where we’re starting to get looks at what the 2024 international jerseys will look like, and Footy Headlines is claiming to have a close prediction of what it will look like for the United States. Yesterday on the soccer jersey blog, they posted their prediction of what the 2024 home jersey would look like for the USMNT and the USWNT, and they’re claiming it’s 80% accurate.

Source: Footy Headlines

The home jersey, per the article, is expected to be a white jersey, which keeps in line with most of U.S. Soccer’s most recent home jerseys. The style is a plain white jersey that upon first glance looks similar to the 2020 home jersey. However, the 2024 offering would have a collar that is half navy and switches to a red & white striped pattern that mimics the stripes on the American flag. On the sleeves, the cuffs would have the same striped patern with the final stripe on the hem being navy.

The U.S. Soccer crest would be on the left chest and not over the center like we saw for the 2022 jerseys. The Nike swoosh would be on the right chest.

It is unclear where the number would be located on the front of the jersey, but it is expected to be navy. On the 2020 jersey, the front numbers were placed under the U.S. Soccer crest, but they could also remain in the middle of the jersey. It is also unclear what color the shorts and socks would be. The U.S. have had navy and white shorts and socks paired with their home jerseys in the recent past.

The 2024 U.S. Soccer home and away jerseys are expected to be released in March or April and the home jersey would be worn through at least the end of 2025.

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