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Select the best USMNT goal of 2023!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best USMNT goals this year. Submit your own favorites, and vote for the winner!

Germany v United States - International Friendly Photo by Howard Smith/ISI Photos/USSF/Getty Images for USSF

We’ve already voted for the best USMNT club goal of 2023, and now it’s time to enjoy the best national team goals of the year.

I went back through the tape and watched all 51 goals. Here are 15 candidates, in chronological order. At the bottom of this article, you can vote for your top 5 favorites. We’ll use a ranked-choice voting method to award the winner.

March 27 – Ricardo Pepi vs El Salvador

Pepi was fun to watch all year long. El Tren provided a late winner over El Salvador (after a great through ball from McKennie), by deftly chipping it over the ‘keeper.

June 15 – Christian Pulisic vs Mexico

This was a fun one. Once again, it was McKennie sparking the attack with a wonderful through ball for Weah. Weah does well to tee up Pulisic, who’s making a lung-busting run through the middle. Dos a cero.

June 18 – Folarin Balogun vs Canada

Balogun really announced himself as a USMNT player with this goal. The feed from Gio Reyna was great, and Balogun did really well to seal off the defender before striking it home. Don’t miss the early header by Weah and first touch from Gio.

June 28 – Bryan Reynolds vs St. Kitts & Nevis

Oh, you thought we were skipping the Gold Cup? Oh, no no. I don’t expect any of these to win Best of 2023, but there were certainly some goals worth enjoying from this tournament. Bryan Reynolds provided an absolutely scorching volley from distance here against St. Kitts & Nevis.

July 9 – Brandon Vázquez vs Canada

There’s something pleasing about a perfectly-weighted cross from all the way back in midfield that meets an arriving header so seamlessly. DeJuan Jones’ delivery was excellent, and Vázquez slammed it home.

September 9 – Tim Weah vs Uzbekistan

Oh, man. Once again, it’s Weston McKennie setting things up, this time with an unbelievable control inside the box. He lays it off to Weah, who fires a laser beam past the keeper.

October 14 – Christian Pulisic vs Germany

Surely this is the winner, right? What a moment. Pulisic receives a ball out near the touchline, dances his way through Germany’s defense, and curls it into the top corner. Wonderful.

October 17 – Folarin Balogun vs Ghana

There’s something so enjoyable about an instinctive finish. Balogun’s turn left the defender with no chance; then he smashes it in off the far post.

November 16 – Ricardo Pepi vs Trinidad & Tobago

The USMNT had been toiling for 80 minutes trying to break down Trinidad & Tobago - who had played much of the game with only 10 men. Pepi’s subtle redirection opened the floodgates - and might be the most important goal sealing our place in Copa América.

November 16 – Gio Reyna vs Trinidad & Tobago

This goal happened so quickly you could almost miss it. Reyna and Balogun play beautiful, free-flowing, attacking soccer. First it’s Reyna with the dummy, then Balogun is already prepared with the immediate one-time ball back into Gio’s path - and he finishes first time with aplomb.

So, what are your favorites? Vote here! You don’t have to pick 5 goals, only as many as you want to.

If there are goals that should’ve been included, please leave them here in the comments!

Which goal was your favorite? What did you enjoy most? Hit the comments to let us know.