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USA Soccercast, Episode 109: Messi to MLS? It’s actually happening!

A seismic moment for the do they capitalize on it?

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PSG vs Clermont Foot - French Ligue 1 Photo by Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Lionel Messi is coming to Major League Soccer! It’s a major moment in the history of the league and we have to discuss it on Episode 109!

There were some people who wrongly thought that this would never happen, but Messi to Inter Miami is now a reality. And it has already made a major impact on the profile of the league, to add to the wave of excitement that soccer fans all across the country have that arguably the greatest to ever do it comes to our shores.

We discuss what we know about the deal, from the profit sharing with Apple and Adidas to the ownership stake. We also discuss some of the other players who are rumored to want to venture to MLS to play with their friend Leo.

However, it’s a big moment for the league and they need to figure out pretty quickly how to maximize the impact and make it sustainable. From the facilities to the marketing to even roster rules, MLS has to meet the moment and make this sustain long after Messi hangs up his cleats.

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