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USA vs. Canada, 2023 Gold Cup Quarterfinals: Time, TV schedule and lineups

We meet again.

United States v Trinidad & Topago: Group A - 2023 Concacaf Gold Cup Photo by Andy Mead/USSF/Getty Images for USSF

The United States Men’s National Team find themselves in a very familiar situation. A knockout match against rivals Canada is basically a tradition at this point. Less than a month ago it was the USMNT’s A team lifting the Nations League trophy after a 2-0 win. Can their fringe counterparts replicate that result and advance to the last four of the Gold Cup?

Leaving the group stage behind, especially at this tournament, is like starting over. The competition is undoubtedly a step up. This gives every player a chance to start over as well. If some players haven’t been performing well, this is their opportunity to show themselves on a bigger stage. And for players like Jesus Ferreira, who has been carrying the attacking load so far, it’s a chance to prove yourself against better opponents. With all the debate about the FC Dallas striker, the only way to keep the noise at a minimum is to continue finding the back of the net and doing it on the way to winning this tournament.


United States lineup:


Canada lineup:


How to Watch

Advertised Kick-off Time: 8:00p.m. Eastern, 5:00p.m. Pacific

Venue: TQL Stadium; Cincinnati, OH

Available TV: FS1, Univision, TUDN

Available Streaming: FOX Sports Go

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