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Spain vs. England, 2023 Women’s World Cup Final: What to watch for

We preview the championship game.

Spain v Sweden: Semi Final - FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images

A champion will be crowned tomorrow in Sydney as the 2023 Women’s World Cup concludes with the Women’s World Cup final between Spain and England.

No matter the winner of this match, history will be made by one of these teams. Neither of these teams have won a Women’s World Cup, so we will see one of them earn their first, becoming just the 5th country to win a Women’s World Cup. The winner will also join Germany as the only nations to win both a Men’s World Cup and a Women’s World Cup. More importantly, to the winner goes the Women’s World Cup trophy, a new star to go atop their crest, and the bragging rights that come with being world champions.

Spain has arrived here against all odds. The Spanish players have played tremendous soccer while simultaneously being embroiled in a dispute with not just the Spanish federation, but also the Spanish coaching staff, including head coach Jorge Vilda. The federation publicly stood behind Vilda despite 15 players calling for him to be fired last fall, citing several instances of improper treatment and emotional abuse, and many of those players did not make this roster. Still, these players have banded together and played for each other, willing themselves collectively to this point.

England arrives here as the favorite, and they’ve enjoyed having that title attached to their name the past year after winning the 2022 Euros. They’ve had to grind out some wins in this tournament, but they keep playing hard in an effort to find a way to outlast their opponent. They will get a boost with the return of Lauren James to the lineup, who missed 2 games after picking up a red card against Nigeria. While Spain will want to open things up, England can also play in the trenches, slowing the game down while methodically moving down the field towards goal.

This will set up to be a wide open match after both teams shake off the nerves, and each team will be looking for that one moment that could result in them becoming the Women’s World Cup champions.

Women’s World Cup Record


W (2-1) - Sweden - Women’s World Cup Semifinals

W (2-1) AET - Netherlands - Women’s World Cup Quarterfinals

W (5-1) - Switzerland - Women’s World Cup Round of 16

L (0-4) - Japan - Women’s World Cup Group C

W (5-0) - Zambia - Women’s World Cup Group C

W (3-0) - Costa Rica - Women’s World Cup Group C


W (3-1) - Australia - Women’s World Cup Semifinals

W (2-1) - Colombia - Women’s World Cup Quarterfinals

W (0(4)-0(2)) AET - Nigeria - Women’s World Cup Round of 16

W (6-1) - China - Women’s World Cup Group D

W (1-0) - Denmark - Women’s World Cup Group D

W (1-0) - Haiti - Women’s World Cup Group D

What to watch for

Midfield possession. Spain will want to keep a ton of the possession, so will England settle for counters or will they not concede the possession battle? This could be the major key to determining which team is on their front foot.

Goalkeeper play. Both teams are gonna get their shots off. Which goalkeeper will be the best at making the saves necessary to keep their team in it?

One shining moment. It only takes one moment for one of these players to go from legend to immortal. There is plenty of star power on each side of the ball, but we look forward to seeing which one will step up for that moment that will last a lifetime.


Spain does it again in extra time, 2-1.