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USA Soccercast, Episode 124: Interview with U.S. Soccer Vice Presidential Candidate Nathán Goldberg

The first of our conversations with the candidates for U.S. Soccer Vice President begins with Nathán Goldberg.

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Source: NJ/NY Gotham FC

U.S. Soccer will elect a new Vice President at its Annual General Meeting, which runs February 8-10 in Dallas. On Episode 124, candidate Nathán Goldberg, former assistant general manager at NJ/NY Gotham FC, joins the show to answer questions on several topics facing U.S. Soccer.

The governance of the federation is something fans should be well informed about, and through our interview with Goldberg, we learn about why he wants to join the Board of Directors as the Vice President and what he hopes to accomplish in the role. We address topics like youth development, player safety, increased fan accessibility, increased diversity and inclusion, how to increase our coaching and referee pool, as well as how to bring each of the member associations together and working with the professional soccer leagues. Goldberg gives us his thoughts on so many questions to showcase why he believes he is best to help lead the federation alongside President Cindy Parlow Cone and CEO JT Batson.

We will be hosting interviews over the next week with Dr. Pete Zopfi, the other candidate for U.S. Soccer Vice President going against Nathán Goldberg, as well as Mike Cullina, who was a candidate until he withdrew from the race recently. We hope to touch on as many topics as we can that are important to fans in an effort to bring you into the governance process. If you have a question for the candidates, submit it on our Google form!

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