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USA Soccercast, Episode 125: US Club Soccer CEO Mike Cullina on U.S. Soccer governance

An incredible conversation with the former USSF vice presidential candidate.

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Source: US Club Soccer

On Episode 125, we continue our interviews on U.S. Soccer governance surrounding the Vice Presidential election with an interview with former candidate Mike Cullina.

Cullina is the CEO of US Club Soccer and serves as the Youth Council representative on the U.S. Soccer Board of Directors. Cullina was a candidate for U.S. Soccer Vice President, but decided back on January 13th to withdraw from the race. Still, he appeared on the show to discuss his reasons for getting involved in the race and his work on the board of directors for U.S. Soccer, addressing many questions on several topics that affect the entire umbrella of American soccer.

The work that U.S. Soccer has to do in order to grow the game in this country is expansive, and Cullina details some of the many steps they need to take to improve one area of the soccer landscape while working with the numerous member associations so that the game continues to improve in the United States. From referee development and player safety to expanding the resources of our extended national teams, Cullina gives a fascinating interview that is sure to leave everyone with a better understanding of how U.S. Soccer both currently operates and where they can improve operations to keep progress moving forward.

We will have our final candidate interview with Dr. Pete Zopfi early next week. We hope to touch on as many topics as we can that are important to fans in an effort to bring you into the governance process. If you have a question for the candidates, submit it on our Google form!

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