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Donald is the manager of Stars & Stripes FC. He joined the blog in March 2017, becoming co-manager in May 2017. Donald is on the national board of the American Outlaws. He is an expert on all issues for the USMNT and the USWNT. Donald also writes for The District Press and is the host or co-host of the USA Soccercast, the Duke Basketball Roundup Podcast, and the World of Concacaf Podcast.

Spain vs. England, 2023 Women’s World Cup Final: What to watch for

We preview the championship game.

Australia vs. Sweden, 2023 Women’s World Cup 3rd place match: Match thread and discussion

It’s the match that no one wants to play in, but Australia and Sweden have a chance for 3rd place.

Official: USWNT GM Kate Markgraf to leave U.S. Soccer

The decision was reportedly made prior to the World Cup.

USMNT U-19s, USWNT U-19s learn 2023 PanAm Games draw

It’s the first time the United States have had soccer teams compete since 2007.

Official: Vlatko Andonovski resigns as USWNT head coach

According to 90min, the resignation could happen in a few days.

USA Soccercast, Episode 113: USWNT Women’s World Cup postmortem

We’re back from the Women’s World Cup, and we break down what happened and answer questions from the mailbag.

2023 Women’s World Cup, Semifinals Day 2: Match thread and discussion

It’s the co-hosts versus the Lionesses.

Breaking down the USWNT player pool: Midfielders & forwards

We continue our at the future of the USWNT player pool with the midfielders and forwards.

Breaking down the USWNT player pool: Goalkeepers & defenders

We take a look at the future of the USWNT player pool, beginning on the defensive side of the ball.

Evaluating potential USWNT coaching candidates

There’s one candidate who’s the clear favorite, but we examine some others that could be the next to head the USWNT.