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Black History Month: Reliving some famous Black History stories

We look back at some of the great stories that we have covered during Black History Month.

South Africa v Mexico: Group A - 2010 FIFA World Cup Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Over the course of Black History Month every year, we’ve done our best to write stories of those players and moments that deserved to be told to a wider audience. Sometimes, it’s good to look back and relive some of those stories, and we do that on Episode 96 of the SSFC Podcast.

There are 6 stories that we look back on, either because they were important moments or a cross section of how Black culture and soccer go hand in hand. Those stories are:

There are so many other stories worth reliving, and over the course of the month, I’ll continue to bring more, hopefully every day, where we learn about some of the most important stories of our time involving Black athletes. And, we’ll do more reliving on the podcast as well as we move towards the end of the month. Black history is American history. Black History is world history. And it’s no different in soccer, where some of the great players and moments of the game’s history wouldn’t occur with the accomplishments of Black athletes.

Hit the comments and let us know the stories you’ve enjoyed the most over the years or some of the stories or players that you would love to see covered in a future article.


For more Black History Month stories, check out our Black History Month hub. We will be bringing stories throughout the month to highlight some of the biggest moments in Black American and world soccer history.