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Black History Month

Black History Month: An American in China

Lyle Martin went where no American soccer player had ever gone before: China.

Black History Month: Africa’s Pele

Abedi Ayew was one of Africa’s greatest soccer talents, and he ran the continent using a familiar nickname.

Black History Month: Serie A’s constant racism problem

Racism is everywhere in soccer, but nowhere has it been more prevalent and in the public eye recently than in Italy.

Black History Month: Jermaine Jones bangs it home in Brazil

It was a ridiculous shot and one of the best in the tournament.

Black History Month: Malouda defies rules, plays for birth country

After a long career of playing for France, Florent Malouda decided he was going to play for French Guiana.

Black History Month: Darlington Nagbe’s liberation

He escaped his homeland at a very young age and found a home in the United States.

Black History Month: Three Little Birds

Bob Marley is one of the greatest singers ever. His other passion was soccer.

Black History Month: The wizardry of Ronaldinho

We may never see a more creative player in our lifetime.

Black History Month: Versatile Crystal always gets it Dunn

She’s dominated at forward, excelled at midfield, and has become arguably the world’s best left back.

Black History Month: The Brothers Touré

The Touré Brothers were one of a few in history that dominated together for club and country.

Black History Month: Tim Howard becomes the Secretary of Defense

The USMNT lost in the Round of 16 at the 2014 World Cup, but Tim Howard’s heroics were the story.

Black History Month: A South African team with an Atlanta link

The Kaizer Chiefs is a team with roots that begin in the old NASL.

Black History Month: Jimmy Banks, Milwaukee’s son

We begin this year’s Black History Month series with a story on the late USMNT defender.

MLS Black History Month roundtable brings attention to black issues in soccer

We get real as we close out an important month.

Black History Month: Long live The King

He is the greatest player who ever lived. He is "O Rei." His name is Pelé.

Black History Month: Justin Fashanu comes out

Justin Fashanu fought the odds in becoming the first soccer player to come out while playing. But, sexual assault claims led to him taking his own life.

Black History Month: Drogba the peacemaker

His biggest goal was bringing peace to his home nation.

Black History Month: Soccer’s Black Panther

From Mozambique to Portugal to the world, Eusébio was one of the greatest players of all time.

Black History Month: Togo’s traumatic attack

The 2010 Africa Cup of Nations began with bloodshed, and Togo’s team was caught in the middle.

Black History Month: Escobillón the reliable

Cobi roamed the USMNT midfielder for 12 years and made it so you couldn’t keep his name out of the lineup.

Black History Month: The pioneers of soccer

We meet the first black players in world soccer history.

Black History Month: Howard finds historic redemption

After winning the 1971 national championship and having it taken away by the NCAA, Howard went out and did it again.

Black History Month: A nation loses its brightest stars

A tragic plane crash robbed Zambia of its greatest soccer team

Black History Month: Run-DMB

DaMarcus Beasley’s career has been one of resilience, consistency, versatility, and a bit of flair.

Black History Month: Puma highlights the beauty of African soccer

This 2010 Puma commercial was for the World Cup, but it energized the world behind a continent.

Black History Month: Majority-minority owners make history

In 2007, a former basketball player and a real estate investor joined forces to form a historic ownership group.

Black History Month: Joe Gaetjens gives the world its biggest upset

The Shot Heard Round The World dropped England in "the greatest victory"

Black History Month: Senegal stuns France in one of the biggest upsets ever

The 2002 World Cup started with the Senegalese handing the defending champs a monumental defeat

Black History Month: Desmond Armstrong discusses his Hall of Fame career

The first American to play in Brazil sits down with SSFC.

Black History Month: Clarence Seedorf, the jack of all trades

His goals were always electric, but his versatility is why he’s one of the best to ever patrol the midfield.

Black History Month: Freddy Adu becomes a kid in an adult world

One of the most heralded MLS signings ever, Freddy Adu began his journey when most begin high school.

Black History Month: Racism in soccer, Eto’o says “No más”

Racism in soccer is real and way too prevalent. This is one of its more infamous moments.