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WATCH: Clint Dempsey heads the USA in front of Ecuador

The United States have a 1-0 lead over Ecuador in the Copa America Centenario quarterfinals. It's been a very even match 20 minutes in, but the Americans grabbed the opening goal thanks to a brilliant Jermaine Jones cross that found the head of the USA's second all-time leading goal scorer.

It is Dempsey's 52nd USMNT goal. He trails Landon Donovan for the all-time mark by just five goals.

Ecuador have had a few chances thanks to some nervousness in the U.S. back line, but so far they've held well. It should be interesting to see how both sides respond to the goal. Will the Americans sit back a little bit more? Will Ecuador get anxious? We shall see. It's a great start to the match for the USA, nonetheless.

For all the questions Dempsey has faced during this tournament, he's answered them all and then some.