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USA vs. Panama, 2013 Gold Cup final: Match predictions

Who is the best in CONCACAF?

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There is no doubt that the Gold Cup final features the two best teams of the tournament. Mexico can claim that they are one of CONCACAF's best, but they weren't close to it this month. The United States blitzed nearly every opponent they faced, while Panama's physicality, discipline and organization saw them past Mexico twice.

Now, they face off for the CONCACAF championship. The two best teams in the final and a big shiny trophy awaiting the winner, just as it should be.

Ryan: If the U.S. sticks with Clarence Goodson and Matt Besler, Blas Perez will eat them alive. If they turn to Omar Gonzalez, the defense will do enough to keep the Panamanians at bay so Landon Donovan and Co. can return the Gold Cup to the U.S. Bet on Gonzalez starting in a 2-1 U.S. win.

Kevin: On one hand, Panama have a lot of good players and have an excellent tournament and probably shouldn't be taken lightly. On the other hand, dude, America. 3-1.

Phillip: Well, the final for our confederation is upon us. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm feeling pretty great right about now. There's zero doubt that the most impressive team throughout the entirety of the Gold Cup to this point has been the good old Stars and Stripes, and I'd be shocked if it changed on Sunday. Landon Donovan has been indisputably the best player in the Cup, and he'll make all of the difference on Sunday. What's that? Jurgen Klinsmann won't be on the sideline? Oh well. That's why he has the uber-tactician Martin Vasquez on the bench next to him. Right? RIGHT?!? Whatever. USA will win the Gold Cup Final against the mighty Panama 2-1.

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