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USA vs. Belize, 2013 Gold Cup: Match predictions

The U.S. could should start Allen Iverson on the right wing.

Jeff Gross

Belize?!? We're talkin' 'bout Belize?!?

Seriously, Belize is the 130th ranked team in the world and have several police officers and members of the Belize Defense Force on their team.

Ryan: Some people are saying that Martinique beating Canada should be a warning, but the U.S. is not Canada. Some people are also saying that Panama beating Mexico should be a warning, but Belize is not Panama. If anyone you know said either of these things then you need to pick better friends. 4-0 U.S.

Kevin: Belize is Belize, but they'll play this game like it's life or death. They'll give us a game for a while, we'll score just before the break, and that will be that. We'll net a second in the second half, then take it somewhat easy and come away with a 3-0 win.

Zach: Sure the Gold Cup has been full of early surprises but surely Belize doesn't have the chops to threaten the United States...right? Anything is possible of course but you'd have to think that this should end up being a formality by the time the formal whistle blows. While it certainly won't be the sham we saw against Guatemala, as Belize will put up a fight, this should be a fairly painless win for the US. I'll go with 3-0 for MURICA.

Phil: Hahahaha USA 3-0.

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