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USMNT getting a 2017 Gold Cup-exclusive kit?

Kit rumors? What even is this?

Okay, so this is more than just a rumor considering the sources. But, it sounds like the United States men’s national team will be showing off not one but two new kits in 2017.

According to Rob Stone back in January, the USMNT will be getting a new kit for the Gold Cup this summer.

When the leak of Nike’s latest template disaster dropped earlier this week, everyone assumed that was the kit he was talking about. However, it appears that’s not the case. Apparently the USMNT will be getting their own Gold Cup-exclusive kit in addition to the one that just leaked.

Stone’s FOX Sports colleague, Alexi Lalas, followed up with the specifics and confirmed the one-off special kit for this summer’s Gold Cup tournament:

Considering FOX has the rights to the Gold Cup, two of their employees confirming this seems like a done deal.

This is a very interesting development. The last time we saw a tournament-specific kit, at least to my knowledge, was the 2007 Copa America where the USMNT wore these blue pinstriped kits.

We have no idea what these will look like. We can only go on Rob Stone’s promise that we will like them. The only problem with that will be that the expiration date on a possibly cool kit will leave us wanting more. But we’ll worry about that in the summer. For now, let the speculation and dreaming begin.