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USA vs. Jamaica, 2017 Gold Cup Final: Man of the match

Oh my Darlington, what a game changer!

The United States defeated Jamaica 2-1 to win the 2017 Gold Cup. Goals by Jozy Altidore and Jordan Morris were the difference for the USMNT as they lifted the Gold Cup trophy for the 6th time. There were a few players who had pretty good games to help spur the team onto victory. Morris and Altidore certainly were among them. Michael Bradley had another great game and Tim Howard certainly kept the Americans in it with his play.

But, the Man of the Match was the player who took control of the midfield and really went at Jamaica from all angles. Darlington Nagbe was that man, and he was stellar on the ball Wednesday night. He kept possession while turning the Jamaican defense into Swiss cheese with his nifty play. Playing at first on the left and then shifting to the center, he was strong with the ball and even drew the foul that led to Jozy Altidore’s free kick golazo. Nagbe set the tone for the match and energized the team and the crowd with every move.

Darlington Nagbe was a player that stood out and instantly made the USMNT better when he was on the field. It was his play that led directly to one goal and inspired another. Hard work, creativity, strong play on the ball and maintaining possession is what got the USMNT to the top of the CONCACAF mountain. In a game where there were a few players you could pick, Darlington Nagbe was the Man of the Match.

What say you all? Is Nagbe the right call? Did someone else earn your kudos? Hit the comments and speak out!