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Hot USMNT takes

Christian Pulisic’s “Not enough Americans” comments are not okay

After the USMNT beat Morocco 3-0, Christian Pulisic criticized the attendance for not being supportive enough, saying that there weren’t enough Americans there. That’s not OK, and we need to talk about it.

The new rumored U.S. jerseys have fans wanting more

People want a jersey identity, and this isn’t it.

USA v. Panama, 2022 World Cup Qualifier; What We Learned

The USMNT took a huge step to cement qualification for the World Cup with a big 5-1 win over Panama. Here’s some take-aways from the match.

USA v. Mexico, 2022 World Cup Qualifying; What We Learned

The trip to the Azteca stadium is the scariest leg every cycle for USMNT in World Cup Qualifying. Yet, the US went into the match and went toe-to-toe with Mexico for a scoreless draw. Here’s What We Learned.

Ahead of the final USMNT World Cup qualifiers, the center back pool faces an uncertain situation

The backline has been strong so far, but will need to step up if the USA is going to qualify

USA v. El Salvador, 2022 World Cup Qualifier: What We Learned

The USMNT took a 1-0 win after a cold night in Columbus against El Salvador. Here’s what we learned.

USA v. Jamaica, 2022 World Cup Qualifying; What We Learned

While the US started well on their road trip to Jamaica, things turned against the Americans after a wonder strike from Jamaica. The US eventually took away a 1-1 draw. Here’s what we learned.

USA v. Mexico, 2022 World Cup Qualifying; What We Learned

The United States took on Mexico in World Cup Qualifying in Cincinnati and managed a 2-0 win in a dominant display over their arch-rivals. Here’s what we learned.

The next two USMNT games will test Gregg Berhalter’s tactical adjustments and roster choices

USA vs Mexico and Jamaica will show if Gregg Berhalter has made the right moves or is holding the team back

How should the USMNT line up vs Mexico?

Pulisic? Scally? Busio? MMA midfield, CB pairing...

Who should be on the November USMNT roster?

Will Gregg stick with the same group after the backups disappointed in Panama, or open things up for competition?

United States v. El Salvador, 2022 World Cup Qualifying: What we Learned

The USMNT opened up World Cup Qualifying with a goalless draw away at El Salvador. It was a frustrating result, but not necessarily a bad one. Here’s what we learned.

Gold Cup 2021: Four major questions the USMNT need to answer

Why this summer’s Gold Cup about much more than just winning.

USSF to End Relationship with SUM

The US Soccer Federation has a long-standing media rights relationship with SUM, the media arm of MLS. Well, we just learned that that is about to end.

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: Swedish cowards lite

Time to turn the soccer winning machine back to 11

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: it’s all your fault

It’s just a picture of Jonathan Lewis, not an article exclusively blaming him for something

The USMNT has talent, now it’s up to US Soccer to create a culture of winning

More trophies, less crying

It’s time to get hyped as hell for the USMNT

We’ve never seen anything like this before.

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: Eidus Martiae and the fate of the USMNT

The fruits of the spring of 2021 will soon be reaped

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: US Soccer needs to go beyond statements and take action against racism

Words and slogans aren’t enough

US Soccer Annual General Meeting shows DEI has long way to go

The federation must be better prepared to confront racism from both without and within in the future.

Paramount’s new streaming service just became a must-buy for U.S. Soccer fans

The streaming wars are heating all the way up.

Americans at home: MLS is a selling league now and that will continue to improve soccer in the US

The U-22 rule will be good for the entire league

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: should we be worried about Christian Pulisic?

He seems to be injured a lot lately

Americans at home: MLS players should make a stand in CBA dispute with owners

Time for the players to call the owners’ bluff.

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: The death pact between MLS players and owners is stronger than ever

The lockout still looms

USMNT Goal of the Week (1/18-1/24): Goals on goals on goals

It was a good week for Americans finding the back of the net.

Americans at home: The pros and cons of Jordan Morris moving to Swansea City

Llongyfarchiadau Jordan!

A call to service on MLK Day

Dr. King’s call for service is one we can all accept.

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The real takeaway from the catfishing of USMNT Twitter

What's the real takeaway from the catfishing incident that reverberated across USMNT Twitter?

What could a USMNT Euro-based friendly roster look like?

Could be time for the Americans Abroad to shine.

Beyond the hype, things look to be turning a corner for US player development