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Michael Bradley to undergo foot surgery

Mike Ehrmann

Michael Bradley will undergo an operation on his foot on Tuesday, according to Kurtis Larson. The surgery will correct a nerve issue, but there is no word on how severe it is or how long he will be out.

Bradley has had this foot injury for months. He was asked about it prior to the World Cup and said that it wasn't an issue, but it clearly is. As for how much it has affected him, we can only speculate, but there is some level of seriousness to it if he is having an operation to fix it.

Right now, we have no idea how long Bradley may be sidelined. The extent of the injury isn't even clear so we can't even speculate.

The United States has two friendlies in November -- the first on November 14 against Colombia and the second on November 18 against Ireland. Bradley likely would have been part of the team for both, but this operation throws that into doubt. With Toronto FC out of the playoffs, he may not play again until the Americans' January training camp, unless it is a very serious injury and he won't be back by then either.