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How to start a Matt Besler to Fulham transfer rumor

Matt Besler to Fulham? Well if there's a picture it must be true.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The United States played Nigeria at Everbank Field in Jacksonville, FL on Saturday. Unsurprisingly, Shad Khan, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, was on hand.

Naturally, the person putting on the match got extra access and as such, got to talk to the team. Who wouldn't talk to the team if they had the opportunity?

But here's the kicker: Khan also owns Fulham.

So when Khan walked around and started talking to players, it was the perfect opportunity to start a transfer rumor. You know, with a photo like this.

Khan talking to Besler? Well, he must have been recruiting Besler to Fulham. After all, if you get the player involved and pushing for a move, it's much easier to get the deal done with the player's club. If Besler wants to join Fulham, the Cottagers are halfway to striking a deal to acquire him from Sporting Kansas City.

Or, and this is a big if, maybe he was just talking to Besler because some humans like talking to other humans.

You know, either or.

Note: This isn't to say Fulham's Finest was trying to start this as a rumor. We have no idea of his intention, but this is how a transfer rumor in the Daily Mail gets started.