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Mexico manager hopes Landon Donovan changes mind, doesn't retire

Miguel Herrera doesn't want to see Landon Donovan go, but he is happy he won't have to face him.

Robert Cianflone

Mexico manager Miguel Herrera doesn't want to see Landon Donovan retire. He thinks, at 32, Donovan is too young to call it quits and hopes he will stick around for a little while longer.

"It's his decision obviously, but I think Donovan is very young," Herrera said. "I think he can continue giving results.

"I think the decision might be due to him being left off the World Cup roster. It was a dream of his to be there. It's a personal decision, but hopefully he can look back and change his mind."

Herrera isn't the first person to wonder if being left off of the World Cup team impacted Donovan's decision to retire. Donovan insists it didn't.

That Herrera thinks highly of Donovan isn't surprising. He has been complimentary of the American before and has even tried to sign him twice. The first time came in 2005 when Donovan had left Bayer Leverkusen and Herrera, then at Monterrey, tried to make a play for him, but Donovan was set on the LA Galaxy. Two years ago, he gave it another run while at Club America, but Donovan chose the Galaxy again.

Now that Herrera is managing Mexico, he can't sign Donovan, and is relievedhe won't have to face him again.

When asked if he was happy that he wouldn't have to play Donovan anymore , Herrera smiled and said, "Yes, very. Donovan is a great player, and not seeing him compete against us, it will be different."