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DeAndre Yedlin has to be sold today to be loaned back to the Sounders

The sell and loan plan with DeAndre Yedlin has a deadline: today.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the clubs linked to DeAndre Yedlin reportedly want to loan him back to the Seattle Sounders for the remainder of the MLS season. It makes sense because Yedlin still needs some seasoning and he can play every day in Seattle with a club that he is comfortable at then in January, when he is theoretically even more developed, he can join the team that bought him or be loaned out to a top flight club in Europe.

But if anyone is going to buy Yedlin and loan him back to MLS, it needs to at least be close to completed today. Per MLS rules, any club who buys a player from outside the league or takes a player on loan from outside the league has to request the International Transfer Certificate (ITC) by today.

An MLS player may be transferred or loaned at any time to a team outside the League (subject to that team's Federation's transfer window), subject to the consent of the player.

The registration windows - the dates between which MLS may request the transfer certificate of a player under contract in another country - are as follows:

February 18 - May 12 (Primary Window)
July 8 - August 6 (Secondary Window)

Note that ITC's don't come through immediately. It is possible that a team -- be it Tottenham Hotspur, AS Roma or whoever else -- are very close to a deal with the Sounders and MLS so they and the league request the ITC by today, and finalize the transfer in the coming days, but it would have to be a situation where the deal is imminent. MLS cannot submit ITC requests for every team that is chasing Yedlin.

The transfer window for most of the world isn't for four more weeks, but to register players from outside the league in MLS, the request has to be in today. That means Yedlin's returning to the Sounders on loan has to be sorted, or just about, by today. If not, he will either stay with the Sounders until the end of the season at least, or if he's sold later this month, he's gone for good.

After today, the idea to sell Yedlin and take him back on loan until January is done for.