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Brad Evans off of USMNT roster with knee injury

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Evans has withdrawn from the United States' January camp. The defender has tendonitis in his left knee and could not continue to play so he will return to the Seattle Sounders and rest to get healthy before the MLS season.

Evans' injury helps explain Matt Hedges addition to the team. The FC Dallas centerback was added to the U.S. roster on Thursday, seemingly without reason, but U.S. Soccer's announcement on Friday Evans cleared that up. It's not quite a perfect swap as Evans primarily played right back and Hedges is an out-and-out centerback, but it does give Hedges the chance to prove himself after a great MLS season in 2014.

This is a really tough break for Evans, who hasn't been able to catch a break with the national team lately. He helped the team get a huge win in World Cup qualifying and went into World Cup training camp looking likely to make the team. Instead, he was cut from the roster and didn't go to Brazil. Now he had another chance, but an injury is going to keep him out.