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Canada manager says Tesho Akindele to snub USMNT for birth country

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Tesho Akindele could play for Canada, where he was born, or the United States, where he moved as a kid. There has been speculation as to which country he will pick, but he may have decided already. According to Canada manager Benito Floro, he is "99.9 percent" committed to the Canucks.

"The United States never called him [after January] and I decided to take two, three, four months to correlate if Akindele is absolutely sure to play with Canada," Floro said to Goal.

Akindele was the MLS Rookie of the Year in 2014 who earned the attention of Canada and was all ready to join them last fall. But then the U.S. came calling, he got American citizenship and he looks set to join his adopted country.

However, Akindele hasn't been in the picture for either team since. There are FIFA regulations to sort out, but nothing that should stop him from picking the country of his choice. He just has to make a choice, and it appears as if he has picked Canada.

Akindele will certainly have a better chance of playing regularly and starring for the Canadians, but he has a better chance or playing in a World Cup for the U.S. There is also a matter of which nation he feels more of an allegiance to and with which team he feels more comfortable, questions only he can answer.

The Americans have more competition for him to make the team, but they don't have a ton of great options up front or on the wings so they could use the depth he'd provide and if he steps up, a spot is his. Losing him isn't a killer, but it would be nice to have him in the fold.