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Community Corner: Who needs a statue?

David Beckham shouldn’t be the only MLS legend that has a statute

MLS: LA Galaxy Unveil David Beckham Statue Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend, the LA Galaxy honored David Beckham for his contributions to the team’s legacy by unveiling a statue outside Dignity Health Sports Park. The statue is to commemorate Beckham’s career with the Galaxy and how he shaped the league through the Designated Player rule.

Still, David Beckham shouldn’t be the only MLS player that is honored with a statue outside of a stadium. There are several players for teams throughout the league that should probably have the same honor of seeing their likeness immortalized in the form of a statue for fans to see every match. Some teams have numbers that are retired for former players, while others have walls of honor or halls of fame to give their legends a place to be forever remembered.

So, today’s Community Corner asks you: which legends of your favorite MLS club do you think should be honored with a statue outside your stadium? If you don’t have a favorite club, you can pick a couple players you think are worthy enough of the statue treatment and shout them out. Of course, let us know in the comments who those players are and why you think they are deserving of being a landmark that fans of the club can always visit.