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Life in 1-1-8: Leagues Cup, MLS vs. Liga MX

Is another MLS-Liga MX competition good for American soccer?

We’re back with a new Life in 1-1-8 episode! This week, we discuss the newly formed Leagues Cup, which will be an annual tournament featuring teams from Major League Soccer and Mexico’s Liga MX. Is it a good idea for MLS? Will it help improve the stature of MLS in the region and the world? What ultimately does MLS have to do to make the leap fans hope for and raise the profile of soccer in the United States? We tackle all those questions and even discuss a couple points laid out in this week’s Community Corner.

The Life in 1-1-8 podcast will feature every week on the Stars & Stripes FC Podcast network. As this podcast evolves, we will have some weeks where we dip into the mailbag to answer your questions (Make sure you’re following us on Twitter). Hopefully down the line, maybe some cool guests will want to join. We’re hoping to diversity the content we provide as we head into an incredibly busy summer with the Women’s World Cup and the Gold Cup, so get ready for all the news and analysis.

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