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Community Corner: Should Liga MX and MLS eventually merge?

And how should it be set up?

MLS: Leagues Cup-Cruz Azul at LA Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The idea of Major League Soccer and Liga MX eventually forming a merger has re-entered the public forum after Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla again suggested it was a part of the league’s future just a couple weeks ago. It would be an ambitious plan for the two biggest leagues in CONCACAF to merge and create a superleague that would likely involve a ton of money and create a ton of money.

However, the logistics of it will be interesting. MLS is expanding all the way to 30 teams...for now. There could be more after that. Liga MX currently has 19 teams and Acenso MX, the second division, has 14 teams. What this means is at minimum 63 teams could be involved in creating a new combined league that has 2-3 divisions, and it could also be something that eventually creates a promotion-relegation system.

There will be questions about how the divisions could be split up and the implications of where the bigger clubs in the United States and Mexico will end up. Will MLS push to have the teams from NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Texas involved in the top division? From Liga MX, there will be a push to make sure Chivas de Guadalajara and Club América are in the top flight as well to start. Will this league involve the Canadian teams in MLS, or will Canada push to move them back to be a part of their recently-debuted Canadian Premier League? There will be a great deal to sort out if this is to ever become a reality.

So, this week’s Community Corner asks you: should Liga MX and MLS eventually merge, and how would you see it shaping up? Hit the comments and discuss!