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Community Corner: Should MLS still play a full season?

With games not beginning until May 10th at the earliest, should the league still be set on 34 games?

Inter Miami CF v D.C. United Photo by Tony Quinn/ISI Photos/Getty Images

With the coronavirus bringing all of the sports world to a complete stop, Major League Soccer is at a standstill. Paused after 2 matches, the league will now be on hold until at least May 10th.

Still, commissioner Don Garber is insistent that the league will resume at some point and play the full 34-game schedule, possibly extending into December in order to finish. With no idea on when the outbreak will be contained long enough to resume sports, it seems to be misguided to expect that the league can complete a 34-game schedule without sacrificing the health of the players by having a ton of games in a short period of time.

The league could shorten the schedule, chopping off some games to ensure quality of play. They could extend the season, which could then throw off things like the postseason and the length of the offseason. They also could wait to see what happens with things like the FIFA international fixture windows, which could also affect their scheduling (or at least the players that would be available).

So, the question for this week is: should MLS still play a full season? Hit the comments and discuss!