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Star-Spangled Banter

Quick and fun things

Ex-USSF President Carlos Cordeiro to run for re-election

Carlos Cordeiro has announced he is running for re-election as USSF president, despite resigning from the post two years ago after the federation made sexist arguments during the USWNT equal pay lawsuit.

USMNT player ratings in FIFA 22

Gamers and data nerds unite.

Plans, ideals, and reality: Trophies don’t care about your feelings

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: MLS preview and USMNT analysis

Welcome to Gyasi’s house

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: it’s all your fault

It’s just a picture of Jonathan Lewis, not an article exclusively blaming him for something

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: The Llegetning

He’s fine, good even, not bad or great, and that’s pretty solid

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: Too many no. 10s

There are a lot of ways to make a creative attacking player

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: A home of our own

Using science, logic, and reason to find a competitive edge for US Soccer

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: A Valentine’s Day poem for US Soccer

A very emo soccer sonnet

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: What if US Soccer players were Super Bowl food?

Yes, it’s a list of food and soccer

Stonks: Buy or sell USMNT strikers

A Twitter user asks how’d you invest $100 in USMNT strikers: Sargent, Altidore, Zardes, Soto, Hoppe and more

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: Schrödinger’s wave of young American players moving to Europe

This is about angst and physics but mostly angst

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: Bigfoot, Cardinal, and Mark McKenzie on Black Lives Matter

It took long enough for Bigfoot and soccer to merge

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: a wall, speed, the Crew and some lists

An awful lot of speed

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: Doctors, dual-nats, and lawsuits

Always lawsuits

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: holiday week news

Transfer rumors, player profiles, and dual nationals

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: Wales highlights, Thanksgiving, and LigaMX

An all together good week for US Soccer

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: Biden’s soccer takes, MNT injuries, and WNT players in a draft

Steve Kornacki won’t have to call this one

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: Comebacks, security guards, and future talent

This really explains a lot about an MLS team

National Team players as halloween candy 2020

With a fairly sour year coming to an end, we figured we’d try and do something sweet for Halloween. Here’s 2020’s take on where we imagine national team players as candy.

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: Player solidarity, USWNT camp, and Freddy Adu

Everyone is going to Europe, so why not Freddy?

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: Messi, chickens, and social justice

Wanted: someone who loves animals and has a huge appetite for eggs

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: a new nickname, a look back at 2000, and standing up to injustice

The future, the past, and both in one were on display this week

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: Old and new MNT names, Jill Ellis’ future, and inequality in soccer

Taking a look back at the week in US Soccer

Sunday Cup-o-American Soccer: News, artificial intelligence, and an important announcement

I’m throwing my shin guards into the ring

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: MLS and NWSL are back, solidarity payments, and MNT and WNT hopefuls

It’s been a big week in the world of American footy

Sunday Cup-o-American soccer: Richards excitement, an Alex Morgan action figure, and MLS is BACK (still)

And Tom Brady has medical advice for Pulisic

Sunday cup-o-American soccer: Left backs, Messi, and WNT players as TV hosts

Time to look back before a new week starts

Sunday cup-o-American soccer: Can we go one week without talking about a lawsuit?

We’re a coffee blog now

Sunday cup-o-American soccer: Soccer *is* a business

Stay home and read the new weekly post about soccer

American Soccer Weekly Rekrap: New coaches, baseball, and the US Men’s strong statement about USWNT pay

American Soccer Weekly Rekrap: DuaneWayne, a baby at the Olympics, and a loss for Pro/Rel

Apparently the Court of Arbitration for Sport was not persuaded by some Tweets legal arguments