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Someone re-designed the U.S. Soccer kits and crest for free and made them amazing


U.S. Soccer has undergone a dramatic rebrand over the past month announcing a brand new crest and a couple of new controversial kits. Let's just say that opinions are split on what people think about both. You either like them (a little bit) or absolutely hate them, with most of us falling in the latter category.

Here comes well-known graphic designer Conrad Burry, who has released his USA concept designs for what he'd do for the new U.S. Soccer digs.

Not only are his designs a 1,000 percent improvement on the actual designs, but he's done it for free and put it on the internet. The people who designed the real ones probably got paid handsomely. This is kind of ridiculous that someone on the internet can hit a homerun on a project like this, but the paid professionals can't.

Burry's design brings back the famous "Waldo Kit" and also introduces a lovely blue away kit design that is elegant and reflects the colors of the flag to perfection.

What do you think of Burry's design? Is it better than the actual ones or are we overreacting?