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Mix Diskerud responds to 'most overrated' tag in best way possible

As you may have heard, yesterday Mix Diskerud won a dubious ESPNFC poll. MLS players voted him as the most overrated player in MLS. Mix is a social media wizard and wasn't about to take this insult lying down. Instead of attacking the players or the poll head on, he brilliantly and subtly responded with this perfect jab:

He responds by labeling his agent as the most underrated in the business. He's basically saying in no uncertain terms that he's getting called overrated because of how much more money he makes than all the other players in MLS.

The much-maligned Mix took home a cool $750,000 last season. About $400,000 more than the league's DP threshold. While allocation money allows him not to be known as a DP, for all intents and purposes, he's making a DP's salary.

Basically Mix is saying his agent got him an amazing deal and it's not his problem that he makes more than most players in the league.

tl;dr version - HATERS GONNA HATE, YO.