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WATCH: Kasey Keller and Ante Rasov discuss playing Guatemala in 2000

Just a few hours away from the United States taking on Guatemala in hostile conditions in Guatemala City, let's take a look back to see what it was like for the 2000 team in similar circumstances. posted this video of former USMNT players Kasey Keller and Ante Rasov reminiscing on a World Cup qualifier against Guatemala in 2000.

The temperature was intense, just as the play on the field was. Take a look back at this piece of U.S. Soccer history:

As you can tell, Carlos Ruiz was as big of a pest then as he still is now, amazingly 16 years later. Thankfully it should not be as hot as it was then, but the unruly atmosphere and questionable refereeing will likely still be a factor. This is CONCACAF, nothing is ever easy, especially on the road.

This 2016 team will have it just a little bit easier than their 2000 counterparts, but it won't be a walk in the park by any means.