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Watch Christian Pulisic dominate kids as a 9-year-old

Can we all agree that child phenom highlight reels are creepy? I mean, something just feels wrong and exploitative about them. I understand that video is probably the best scouting tool there is, but that still doesn't make it any better. There is one major caveat that can turn one of those creepy videos into an awesome piece of history, though.

That's if the kid in the video grows up and some how lives up to the potential of that video. Well, that's exactly what Christian Pulisic has done. Someone (the username says 'mk pulisic' so it's safe to assume it was his dad Mark) made a video of 9-year-old Christian in 2008 and uploaded it to YouTube. Yes, YouTube was a thing when a current USMNT player was 9 years old. Feel old yet?

Anyways, Fear The Wall stumbled upon this piece of U.S. Soccer history, and needless to say, it's easy to see why the kid turned out to be a star. Sometimes talent is just obvious and on rare occasions you can get one glimpse of a player and just know they'll be special. It appears Christian may fall into this category. Give the video (with very questionable music) a look: