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Jurgen Klinsmann’s joke about Jermaine Jones predictably backfired

Jurgen Klinsmann's Twitter account is fascinating. 95 percent of the time he's usually praising his players or other people around the soccer world. It's gotten to the point where you can predict which players he's interesting in calling up to the national team by his tweets.

After Jermaine Jones scored his third goal in four games for the Colorado Rapids, Klinsmann took to twitter to make a harmless joke about possibly playing the midfielder at striker.

The only problem is, when you're a manager who is notorious for playing players out of their normal positions, the joke doesn't come off as intended.

The responses to the joke varied from playful banter all the way to legitimate concern that Jermaine Jones is the USMNT's new striker.

It's not as if Klinsmann hasn't radically altered Jones' position before...

Will we see Jermaine Jones playing striker for the USMNT soon? Probably not. Is it fun to make an easy joke out of Klinsmann's positional inconsistencies? Of course it is.