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Leo Messi and Christian Pulisic both got called in for drug testing after Copa semifinal

After every competitive international match, random players get selected for drug testing. But how random is it really? Judging from the two they selected after the United States' loss to Argentina in the Copa America Centenario semifinal, they just pick the two most awesome players on each team.

That's right. They finally met each other. American soccer's next big thing, Christian Pulisic has been jokingly compared to Lionel Messi ever since his sudden rise to stardom. It's a fun joke to compare an up-and-coming star to the greatest player in the world. Here they are side by side after the match. Coincidence? I think not!

Jokes aside, what an experience that must be for a 17-year-old kid. Getting to be on the same field as possibly the best soccer player of all-time, then getting to meet him afterwards. That'll be a story to tell his grandkids one day. "Kids, I got to meet that guy that I became better than when I was younger. He was pretty cool."