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Stu Holden recreated the famous Landon Donovan water fountain photo

Back in 2002, the United States men’s national team participated in one of the weirdest photo shoots you’ll ever see. They teamed with fashion company Armani (for some reason) to produce an iconic group of photos that you can see here.

One of the most noticeable photos from that group, that has since become an internet meme, is Landon Donovan casually taking a sip at a water fountain.

Grantland wrote up a very funny piece in 2013 examining each picture. You should read that too.

In lead up the USMNT’s important World Cup qualifier vs. Honduras on Friday night that will be televised on FS1, Stuart Holden poked a little fun at Landon (both will be in the booth calling the match) over that old photo.

This is amazing. I would watch a 30-minute TV show of Holden recreating every photo from that shoot. Someone with a lot of money make this happen.