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Sunil Gulati is a secret Wu-Tang Clan mark or needs to enable 2-Factor Authentication

This game is fun.

Hi. This is a U.S. Soccer blog. U.S. Soccer is doing absolutely nothing right now until the European seasons end in May. Here’s some related content for you as I’m sure you’re as bored as we are.

Sunil Gulati randomly retweeted a 2014 tweet from Wu-Tang Financial, an account with over 125,000 followers that tweets out hybrid thoughts on finance with a Wu Tang spin. (He’s since undone the RT.)

This is a mystery wrapped in an enigma topped with a dash of a little sexism. How on earth did this happen? Did Sunil get hacked? Did he really retweet the tweet? Did an intern or a relative do it? Do we have entirely too much time on our hands and need international soccer back in our lives?

I’d like to imagine that my U.S. Soccer President is a Wu-Tang fiend who needs his Wu-Tang fix no matter what and only had his handy cellphone near by when the urge to get that fix was too much to overcome.

This is surely a mystery that will never be solved, except by awesome fanfic comments in our comment section. What Wu-Tang album does Sunil listen to when he’s agonizing over a tough USSF decision? The floor is yours.