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Stars and Stripes FC Podcast, Episode 2: Christen Press trade, World Cup reactions

We’re back with another one

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The Stars & Stripes FC Podcast team is back with another episode for your enjoyment! On Episode 2, Donald and Stephanie team up to discuss the blockbuster trade that sent Christen Press to the Utah Royals and Sofia Huerta to the Houston Dash. After that, it’s World Cup action! There’s so much to discuss that has happened over the first week of the tournament, so we capture some of our surprise performances, our best moments, and just overall what we’re thinking about some of the teams.

Finally, we dive into the Landon Donovan controversy with his “support” of Mexico “for the check.” It turns into a conversation about fandom and how companies are trying to force feed support of other teams down the throats of American fans.

Also, some wonderful news: we are now on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio in addition to Soundcloud! So, whichever is your favorite source for your podcasts, you can find us and subscribe! Please tell your friends, and if you like what you hear, leave us a nice, cushy review. It helps with visibility. So, if you’re looking for some content between World Cup matches this morning/afternoon, we got you covered!