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SSFC Podcast, Episode 23: WNT training camp roster, MNT players who need new moves

Some promising names on the WNT roster!

UCLA v Stanford Soccer W

The United States Women’s National Team are set to reconvene! On Episode 23, we look into the WNT’s training camp that’s set to begin on the 18th and we take a look at the MNT players who are in biggest need of a move that didn’t secure one during the European transfer window.

We first look at the USWNT. Coach Andonovski has set up a training camp from October 18-28 in Colorado, and he has called in 27 players. There aren’t any matches associated with this camp, so it’s a chance to evaluate some young talent and some NWSL veterans. There are some promising names on this list, and we analyze them one by one.

After the break, we discuss the Community Corner topic of the week: MNT players who didn’t move to a new club that would have benefitted from a move during the transfer window. There are quite a few players who fall into this group, but we discuss a few of them in detail.

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