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SSFC Podcast, Episode 44: U-23 Olympic qualifying roster breakdown

We take a deep look at the roster.

El Salvador v United States Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

On Episode 44 of the SSFC Podcast, we go through the U-23 Olympic qualifying roster that was released by Jason Kreis yesterday. With 20 guys remaining in Guadalajara to take on Concacaf and qualify for the Tokyo Games, we take a look at who those players are and what combinations they could have on the field.

Starting with a general breakdown of the roster, you see there are plenty of players with USMNT experience as well as experience at Youth World Cups. The roster has representation from 11 MLS clubs, and 4 players - Johnny Cardoso, Sebastian Soto, Sebastian Saucedo, and Uly Llanez - come from clubs abroad to play on this team. The team has to be efficient and be ready to put it all together quickly, as the tournament begins in 6 days!

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