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SSFC Podcast, Episode 47: USMNT U-23s fail to qualify for Olympics

We discuss the setback.

Honduras v USA - 2020 Concacaf Men’s Olympic Qualifying Semifinals Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

On Episode 47 of the SSFC Podcast, we’re discussing one thing: failure to qualify. The USMNT U-23s didn’t qualify for the Olympics for the 3rd consecutive time and 4th time in 5 opportunities, and it’s a setback and a failure for the MNT program. We’re quickly breaking down all of it, from the players on the field to the coaching decisions, to the fact that our best players weren’t available to play.

We had a team that was strong enough to qualify and we didn’t do it. Why does that keep happening, particularly this time around when it was made a priority of the whole federation? Is it the fault of Major League Soccer, is it because we couldn’t get better players released, was it because the coach made some bad selections, was it U.S. Soccer not learning from its mistakes and past setbacks, or is it all of the above? Take a listen and then hit the comments to continue the discussion.