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SSFC Podcast, Episode 57: Hanging out with The Cooligans!

The comedic soccer duo sit down to discuss their TV show, American soccer, and pizza.

The Cooligans’ Alexis Guerreros (L) and Christian Polanco (R)

We’re back with Episode 57, and this is a funny one. We are joined this week by Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco. These two comedians form the dynamic duo The Cooligans, and they have created their own lane that mixes soccer news with stand up comedy.

They have a TV show that airs Thursday nights on Fubo Sports Network, they have a podcast, and have been able to mix the funny with the soccer in a way that no one else on this side of the pond dares try. But, on top of it, they’re fans of the game and that inspires them to talk about it in the best way. We start the interview with how The Cooligans came to form, and how they focus on being funny over bringing the stats to a conversation. They also get into how they’ve been able to interview so many athletes and how that shapes how they view the game. We also discuss the summer for the USMNT and the USWNT and the excitement they have for American soccer as a whole.

We then get into some soccer-adjacent topics, like the best pizza outside of New York/New Jersey, jersey swag, and who inspires their comedy. It’s a fun interview that is certain to make you laugh at times, but you will also be able to feel their emotion at times as they discuss their love for the game!