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SSFC Podcast, Episode 70: USWNT releases training camp roster

We look briefly at who is headed to Austin.

United States Training Session Photo by Brad Smith/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The USWNT have a roster for their January training camp, and we react to it on Episode 70 of the SSFC Podcast! Vlatko Andonovski has called in 26 players to a training camp in Austin for 9 days of training, and we examine the roster to see who’s competing and why others may have been left out.

The USWNT U-23s are also headed to Austin for 5 days of training, and there are 3 players on that roster who have USWNT camp experience. We quickly cover that group and what it means for Vlatko to be able to evaluate the young talent that could form the core of the USWNT’s future.

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