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Preparing for the 2022 World Cup

We get you ready for the big tournament.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Previews Photo by Liu Lu/VCG via Getty Images

The 2022 World Cup kicks off in just 3 days, and while it feels like we’re all still getting ready for it in many aspects, we’re here to give a quick breakdown of everything on Episode 83 of the Stars & Stripes FC Podcast.

There are 32 teams that will compete for the World Cup trophy, including the United States Men’s National Team. We first begin with a broad overview of the groups, breaking down who the favorites are to win the whole thing and some other contenders that could sneak their way to the trophy. We even discuss the other Concacaf teams (Mexico, Costa Rica, and Canada) and their tough chances to advance out of the group stage.

After the break, we put the focus squarely on the USMNT, starting with listing the roster that will represent us at the World Cup. We break down who made the roster and some surprise inclusions and omissions. Then, we get into the group stage and even potential knockout stage opponents for the USMNT and determine what success could mean for the youngest team in the field of 32.

Finally, to end, we discuss our coverage of the World Cup amidst all the controversy and just overall awful surrounding the tournament, from the way it was obtained to the thousands of lives lost building the stadiums that will host the games. There will be a lot to discuss in the SSFC community as the tournament begins, and we will be here to provide coverage of the USMNT and the rest of the World Cup, but we completely support all the ways people may choose to watch or not watch this tournament.

If you have questions or topic suggestions, send them to SSFC Podcast at Gmail dot com. There will be more episodes coming as we go through the tournament!