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SSFC Podcast, Episode 77: Qualified! World Cup bound and Nations League Draw!

Lots to cover on this episode.

Panama v USMNT Photo by Roy K. Miller/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The USMNT are in the World Cup, and we recap the final World Cup qualifying window on Episode 77 of the SSFC Podcast!

There’s a lot of ground to cover on this episode. The USMNT secure their World Cup spot, there was a World Cup draw, a Concacaf Nations League draw, and we react to all of it, beginning with the recap of the last international window for the USMNT. We go through the draw at Azteca, the win over Panama, and the loss to Costa Rica, probably the best loss in USMNT history. That loss was enough to give the USMNT 3rd place in the Octagonal and a spot in the World Cup.

The World Cup draw was just a few days later, and Donald was in the building in Doha to watch it all go down. The USMNT draw England, Iran, and the Wales/Scotland/Ukraine playoff winner in Group B, and it’s a group that the U.S. can manage if they play at full strength. Still, there will be a lot of questions to answer between now and November.

After the break, the Nations League draw also took place earlier this week in Miami, and the USMNT drew El Salvador and Grenada in Group D. We look at the schedule and what it means for the United States.

Finally, there are rumors circulating that the United States is pushing to host the 2024 Copa America. We dispel those rumors for now and discuss the fact that the USMNT need to test themselves more on the road.

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