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SSFC Podcast, Episode 81: Putting the 2022 U.S. Soccer jerseys on trial

We’re back from a summer break, and it’s time to discuss the 2022 jerseys.

The SSFC Podcast is back, and Episode 81 is ready for your weekend consumption after a lengthy but rewarding summer break!

With so much going on, there was one big topic that got the podcast back in the booth: the 2022 U.S. Soccer jerseys.

They have been the talk of the USMNT and USWNT fanbase all week, and not because they’ve been universally loved. We are a month away from their release, and fans are upset at the result of these designs.

We dive into the jerseys, from their design elements to what people don’t like about them. We also get into the design process and how it generally works, and how a jersey goes from drawing board to the soccer field. As we approach the World Cup, we give our thoughts on the jersey designs, and how U.S. Soccer and Nike can bring several parties into the process in order to develop a jersey identity that we can be proud to have, and spoiler alert: we’re talking about the Waldos.

If you have questions that we can answer on future shows, topic suggestions, or even proposed guests, drop us a line at SSFC Podcast at Gmail dot com.