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A word on the Pod’s future

The Podcast got some grim news today.

The SSFC Podcast received some grim news today, as did dozens of people in the various SB Nation communities. This morning, I received an email from SB Nation’s higher ups that let us know that the company, along with its parent company Vox Media, would be undergoing some layoffs as well as other cuts. Unfortunately, those cuts included the end of support for the Stars & Stripes FC Podcast as of February 28th.

There were several SB Nation team sites that were also told that their support and funding would end, including many sites focusing on MLS teams. Stars & Stripes FC as a website has not been affected by today’s cuts and our community will remain a part of SB Nation as a fully supported website. This site will continue to bring you all the content on our USMNT and USWNT, and we hope you continue to bring positive contributions to our comments section as well as our Fan Posts.

So, today’s a bittersweet day as many of our sister blogs will not continue after the end of February. The future of this podcast is uncertain, but as we figure it out, we will keep you all in the know.

The SSFC Podcast is not saying goodbye just yet. But, its future on the SB Nation network does have an expiration date. For now, continue to send any questions you have or topic suggestions to SSFC Podcast at Gmail dot com.