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USA vs. Antigua and Barbuda, Beer of the Day: Shock Top Belgian White

The United States takes on Antigua and Barbuda in a big World Cup qualifier, which requires some good beer.

By Dan Wiersema / Founder,Free Beer Movement

Eddie Johnson and Alan Gordon.

Seeing those two names on a U.S. roster are quite a shock.

For one... it's not 2008 for EJ (he's "two-thousand and late"... Yup.... Black Eyed Peas reference there... I'll show myself the door.). And it's not some fan-fiction experimental epilogue to "The Beckham Experiment" for Grant Wahl for Gordon.

But here we all are in 2012 waiting to see if the "Grown Ass Man" or the Bay Area poacher will see the field tonight against Antigua and Barbuda.

What a wild world we live in.

Prey for Herc and Demps in the starting XI.

Beer Recommendation

Shocking picks "up top" you say? A-B you say?

Look no further that Anheuser-Busch's "Shock Top" Belgian White. Now don't go taking this as some sort of "official" FBM-endorsement. It's a decent beer, but hopefully you're reaching for something local to stimulate the economy like a new construction project. But if you must go macro... that'll do pig.

And it's former USMNT forward Eric Wynalda's favorite beer... which is nice.

Unless you're a hipster, you want to see soccer grow in America and what better way than the Free Beer Movement. Check it out and practice it.