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USA Vs. Antigua and Barbuda, 2014 World Cup Qualifying: Match predictions

The U.S. takes on Antigua and Barbuda in a World Cup qualifier they should get three points from. Who will win? We make our predictions.

J. Meric - Getty Images

Stuck in a three-way tie with Jamaica and Guatemala atop Group A, there is concern that the United States might not make it to the final round of World Cup qualifying. That would be an unmitigated disaster, and it could happen, but if you ask our crack panel of semi-literate pundits, it isn't going to happen because of a loss to Antigua and Barbuda.

There is a theme in the predictions for tonight's contest -- it's Antigua and Barbuda.

Ryan: The U.S. played terribly and without a left back in the pouring rain against Antigua and Barbuda last time and still won 3-1. Nothing you can do, and no number of injuries to any number of left backs can convince me that the Benna Boys stand a chance. If they do, I'll get my pitchfork. 3-0 USA.

Kevin: If this game were away to Guatemala, or anywhere against Jamaica, I'd be concerned about injuries. We're playing Antigua and Barbuda, so I'm not worried. The U.S. could play like trash and still win. 2-0 USMNT.

Zach: Despite all the drama, consternation and ridiculous over reactions by fans, this is a game that is simply not going to be lost by the U.S. I still think it'll be close thanks to the small pitch and A&B's likely plan of bunkering, but they will be broken down and the US will get three points with a 2-0 win.

What say you? Do you really think the Benna Boys have a chance? More likely, how many goals do you think the U.S. wins by?