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USA to open final round of World Cup qualifying in Honduras, play Mexico in March and September

The U.S. will play away to Honduras on the first match day of the final round of World Cup qualifying. They will visit Mexico in March and host El Tri in September.

Mike Hewitt

The United States will open the final round of World Cup qualifying away to Honduras, which ruins the dream of hosting Mexico on February 6 in La Guerra Fria III. Still the U.S. will not have to wait long to play El Tri, heading to Mexico on March 26 on their third matchday. They'll host Mexico on September 10.

The schedule isn't particularly great for the U.S., but isn't awful. An away match, especially at Honduras, who are tough in San Pedro Sula, isn't the best way to start qualifying, but getting a tough travel match out of the way on a single midweek date, when travel is a hassle anyways, isn't too bad.

Finishing against Panama could be a blessing or a curse. If the U.S. has already qualified, then not having to play an important match against a surging Panama team in a country excited for their first real chance at qualifying is a major plus. On the flip side, if the U.S. needs a result on the final matchday, going away to Panama and dealing with a disciplined defense and Blas Perez is not encouraging.

All in all, the U.S. have not been hurt by the draw. It is fair, and exciting because consecutive home dates in June give them an opportunity to visit the west coast if they choose, and they cannot blame the draw if anything goes wrong. Just go finish in the top three. It's there to be had.

  • February 6 at Honduras.
  • March 22 vs. Costa Rica
  • March 26 at Mexico
  • June 7 at Jamaica
  • June 11 vs. Panama
  • June 18 vs. Honduras
  • September 6 at Costa Rica
  • September 10 vs. Mexico
  • October 11 vs. Jamaica
  • October 15 at Panama