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Honduras vs. USA match predictions: Draws on draws on draws

Both the U.S. and Honduras would be happy with a draw and that is what they will get, unless you believe optimistic Lauren.

Stuart Franklin

The United States got a break when Emilio Izaguirre and Andy Najar were ruled out for today's World Cup qualifier, turning what looked like a tough match into a very manageable one. While they are gunning for win -- and a win is possible -- a draw is still a solid result in San Pedro Sula and if you ask the not very esteemed panel of SSFC, a draw is a good bet.

Ryan: Neither of these teams offers a ton going forward so it's tough to imagine either team scoring multiple goals, but both defenses are also mistake prone. That gifts each team a goal as they both walk away satisfied with a 1-1 draw.

Kevin: Both teams would be very happy with a draw from this match. Both teams have experienced goalkeepers, talented defenses, great defensive midfielders, very little creativity and strikers who are inconsistent and in need of someone to create their scoring opportunities for them. This absolutely screams 0-0 to me.

Lauren: Klinsmann sneaks into the Honduras locker room just before the half and installs a TV playing the US-Canada match on a loop. A drowsy Honduras team then concedes two in the second half, 2-1 U.S.

Zach: There's no doubt this is a big match for Klinsmann. No matter what happens, it will not decide the US's Word Cup qualification fate, but it will lead to a massive overreaction by fans no matter the result. A win and people will dismiss concerns too fast, a loss and we'll have a full blown panic on our hands. A draw might be the calmest potential result and I don't think it would be a bad one either. I don't see the US winning this and for some reason I don't think they'll a draw it is for me.